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The Trailer for the Third ‘Conjuring’ Movie Pairs Demonic Bumps and Jumps with Crime Thrills – Concrete Playground




It’s the horror franchise that’s become a massive hit, and also sports a clear formula. We’re talking about The Conjuring movies, which have become their own cinematic universe over the past eight years, and generally focus on eerie happenings in both ordinary and creepy abodes. If you saw the original 2013 film, its 2016 sequel, the three Annabelle flicks to-date, The Nun or The Curse of the Weeping Woman, then you’ll know what we’re talking about. Indeed, based on how much cash the combined saga has earned at the box office so far, we’re betting you’ve watched at least one of them.

If people keep turning out to see the series’ movies en masse, then they’ll keep being made, even if some hit the mark and some are terrible. That’s how…

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